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Non-Umpired League


Non-umpired league (1994-2014)

West Norriton Coed Softball League Championships
(Non-umpired league)

The Lower Providence Coed League merged what was left of their league into
the new West Norriton Coed League in 1994. Info about the Lower Providence
league before then is not available. Some sources have the Banshees and Body
Transit meeting for the Lower Providence League Championship in 1993, but.
nothing is confirmed. In 2000, the "A" Division champ met the Rec" Division
champ to crown an overall league champ, but starting in 2001, separate division champs were crowned.

Jim Shingler served as league Commissioner from 1994-2003 and assisted until around 2012
Tom Pierson served as Commissioner from 2004-2014
George Gibson served as Deputy Commissioner in 2004 and as webmaster in 2004-2005
Pete Marion, Corey Thomas and others served as Deputy Commissioner.

In 2011, 14 of those teams joined the newly formed West Norriton Coed League (with umpires)

(source www.norristownsoftball.com)

Year			Champ				Runner-Up
1994			Sweet Sensations		Cavaliers
1995			Sweet Sensations		Maennerchor Club
1996			Bulldogs			Sweet Sensations
1997			Rahill's Tavern			Maennerchor Club
1998			Damage Inc.			Murderers Row
1999			Murderers Row			Frank's Pub
2000	A-Division	Murderer's Row			Frank's Pub
	Rec-Division	Ton 'O' Suds			Bud's Bar
2001	A-Division	Maennerchor Club		Direnzo's Tavern
	Rec-Division	Chap's Bar & Grill		Last Minute
2002	-		Ambler Beverage			A.J. Catagnus
2003	A-Division	Ambler Beverage			Maennerchor Club
	B-Division	A.J. Catagnus			Nipper's Bar & Grill
	C-Division	All State Insurance		Scorpions
2004	A-Division	Valley Forge Beef & Ale		A.J. Catagnus
	B-Division	Scorpions			IKEA
	C-Division	Isotopes			AGT/Shingler's List
2005	A-Division	TDS				Valley Forge Beef & Ale
	B-Division	U.S.M. Stew’s Crew		AGT/Shingler’s List
	C-Division	C.C.I.				Bombers
2006	A-Division	Stew’s Crew			C-Boys/Far Side
	B-Division	U.S. Maintenance		C.C.I.
	C-Division	Rocco’s Brick Oven Pizza	Lukowski Carpentry
2007	A-Division	Stew’s Crew			A.J. Catagnus
	B-Division	Scorpions			Isotopes
	C-Division	Henderson Chiropractic		Pirates
2008	A-Division	A.J. Catagnus			Stew’s Crew			
	B-Division	Transfield Titans		C.C.I.
	C-Division	Green Scene Landscaping		Pirates
2009	A-Division	Legion of Doom                  Isotopes		
	B-Division	Allstate 			Bad News Bears
	C-Division	Speaker City 			U.S.M. Ballers
2010	A-Division	Peppers/DePaul                  Isotopes
	B-Division	Bonecrushers  			U.S.M. Ballers (10-9)
	C-Division	Master Batters 			Pirates
2011	#1 Depaul/Peppers defeated #5 Pirates
2012	East Championship #1 DePaul/Peppers defeated #2 Rock Solid
	West Championship #6 The Swingers defeated #1 TAG
2013	East Championship #4 The Sausage Alliance defeated #3 Hit That
	West Championship #1 We Got Runs defeated #3 The Swingers
	League Championship (West) We Got Runs defeated (East) The Sausage Alliance 4-3
2014    East Championship #1 J. Mastrocola Hauling defeated #2 Sausage Alliance
	West Championship #1 Caffe' Galileo defeated #2 Pierson's Prodigies
	League Championship Caffe' Galileo (West) defeated J. Mastrocola Hauling (East)