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Coed Softball

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      Fall Ball will start on Sunday September 14.

A Division
1 US Lawn
2 DePauls
4 Hacksaw
5 Oakland Park Raiders
B Division
1 Bonecrushers
2 Shady Mofos
3 Bad News Bears
4 Misfits
5 Rebel Alliance
6 Storm
7 Oaks Global Packaging
8 J Mastrocola Hauling

League fees ($240) are due no later than August 30 - Cash or check

Make checks payable to: 
West Norriton Coed Softball

Mail or deliver to: 
George Gibson
33 Brant Rd.
Trooper, PA 19403

Cost Item
$105.00 Umpires (Regular season) $35 - $17.50 per team per game x 6 games
$30.00 Umpires (Playoffs) 12 total playoff games - 7 B Division games, 5 A Division games, divided by 14 teams
(does not include an extra umpire for finals) 
$70.00 Softballs - One dozen each of 11" and 12"
$18.00 Fields (Burnside and East Norriton)
$7.00 Trophies ($100 divided by 14 teams)
$10.00 Misc. (would cover and extra umpire for finals if there is leftover money, 
plus other odds and ends…web hosting, sand, etc.)
$240.00 Total

  • Mats are not included - Cost is $10, if you need one 
  • Bases not included - teams must purchase their own slide-away bases, including a double first base
  • Scorebooks not included in fall (scorebooks are part of ASA registration in spring)
  • Add $105 for liability insurance for team(s) that did not play in our Spring/Summer League.

Regular Season
6 games, September 14 though October 19
A Division and B Division will both play games at Burnside and East Norriton during the regular season.
Game times are 9, 10, 11 and noon (noon for one field only)
If we get another field - unlikely at this point - we will play 2 games there.

Every team makes the playoffs

Playoffs Week 1 (October 26)

A Division - 9, 10, 11 at East Norriton: (1 vs.6, 2 vs. 5, 3 vs.4)

B Division quarter-finals 9, 10, 11 and noon at Burnside

Week 2 (November 2)
A Division Semi-finals. Highest ranked winner from the previous week gets a bye
Two remaining lowest ranked teams play at 9 - winner plays highest ranked team in the finals at 10

B Division Semi-finals - 9 and 10 at Burnside (the 9 am winner would have to wait an hour to play in the finals)
Finals would be at 11 at Burnside

New Rules (highlights)

FALL TIME LIMIT - No inning can start after 50 minutes, but you can finish the inning you are in if you already started it.  There is no time limit for playoff games.

Regular season rainouts will not be made up, as was the case last fall.  We don't have the time.

Please read the rules link, especially the roster rules.  New rules are highlighted in yellow.  The only 2 rules that affect game play are the addition of a courtesy runner (not to be confused with a rabbit runner or pinch runner) - 1 per gender, per inning (per team).  The other rule is the result of what happens if a fielder plays in beyond the cones/bases (result is an illegal pitch).

Note that we now require pictures (close up of face - no sunglasses) in electronic form of every rostered player before they play.  You can e-mail or text those to George Gibson (see contact us link).  Please indicate whose picture you are sending in the text or e-mail.  Those can also be put on a CD or thumb drive and given to George Gibson.

Immediately upon completion of the game, scorebooks must be signed by the opposing team captain.  The opposing team captain may take a picture of the opposing team’s lineup, if they wish.

Each player's first name and last initial (or last name, if more than one person has the same first name and last initial) must be written clearly in the lineup.  Failure to do so will result in no game credit being awarded to that player.  Initials cannot be written in after the opposing captain has signed the book and may not be verbally (or otherwise) communicated to the league.  Nicknames will no longer be accepted.

If a player is listed but did not bat, please note that on the scoresheet.

To be eligible for the playoffs, players must play two games (for fall ball) - no exceptions (including injuries).  One at bat constitutes a game played.

Teams have until The Monday after the halfway point of the season (game 3) to add players
to their roster.  All roster changes must be submitted to the league.  Finalized rosters will be posted online prior to the resumption of the second half of the season.

ASA Rules: Only the (game-day) captain may question the umpire. Players other than the captain who question calls can be subject to ejection.  No one can question balls and strikes, including arc.

If it has rained the night before, all captains must bring a rake and arrive early to prepare the field

If a team forfeits twice in one season for any reason other than not reporting a score or as a result of an ejection your team will be out of the league with no refunds.

ASA Rule: After a player is ejected, a team may NOT continue to play shorthanded. If no substitutes are available, the game is a forfeit.

ASA Rule: If a player has to leave the game for any reason other than ejection or the ASA blood rule and if no substitutes are available, their spot in the batting order is an automatic out.  This actually happened in our A Division Championship game.  If a player leaving the game is a runner or batter (if there are no substitutes), the runner or batter shall be declared out. 

ASA Rule: Players must maintain the same spot in the batting order at all times - they cannot be moved to another slot for any reason.