West Norriton 
Coed Softball

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      Fall Ball will start on Sunday September 14.

A Division
1 US Lawn
2 DePauls
4 Hacksaw
5 Oakland Park Raiders
B Division
1 Bonecrushers
2 Shady Mofos
3 Bad News Bears
4 Misfits
5 Rebel Alliance
6 Storm
7 Oaks Global Packaging
8 J Mastrocola Hauling

League fees ($240) are due no later than August 30 - Cash or check

Make checks payable to: 
West Norriton Coed Softball

Mail or deliver to: 
George Gibson
33 Brant Rd.
Trooper, PA 19403

Cost Item
$105.00 Umpires (Regular season) $35 - $17.50 per team per game x 6 games
$30.00 Umpires (Playoffs) 12 total playoff games - 7 B Division games, 5 A Division games, divided by 14 teams
(does not include an extra umpire for finals) 
$70.00 Softballs - One dozen each of 11" and 12"
$18.00 Fields (Burnside and East Norriton)
$7.00 Trophies ($100 divided by 14 teams)
$10.00 Misc. (would cover and extra umpire for finals if there is leftover money, 
plus other odds and ends…web hosting, sand, etc.)
$240.00 Total

  • Mats are not included - Cost is $10, if you need one 
  • Bases not included - teams must purchase their own slide-away bases, including a double first base
  • Scorebooks not included in fall (scorebooks are part of ASA registration in spring)
  • Add $105 for liability insurance for team(s) that did not play in our Spring/Summer League.