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Coed Softball

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Sunday Coed Softball


Summer Season


George Gibson
Phone: (610) 539-1573
E-mail: ggibson@wnces.com

Pete Marion
Phone: 610-316-8912

Sunday Coed 6-12' slow pitch Softball
(Teams must field at least 3 females)

League Fees:
Cost includes umpires, field fees, liability and supplemental accidental insurance (for injuries suffered while playing), field fees, trophies (playoff finalists, All-Star MVP, Homerun Derby finalists), ASA membership.  Payable via cash, check or credit card (fees apply)

April-July  Playoffs August

Game Times:
9:30 am, 11 am, 12:30 pm, 2 pm

Anyone 18 and over is eligible to participate. 20-25 roster max

Games per team: (approx) 14, plus 1 to 3 playoff games.

Divisions and teams:
28-32, 3 or 4 divisions (based on skill level)

Teams must purchase bases for fields with non-anchored bases.

: Click here

Click here

The League Provides:
  2'x3' strike mat ($15 each for replacements) and 2 cones for new teams.  Each season, the league provides one dozen 12" softballs and one dozen 11" softballs, scorebook, ASA Rulebook.  You can pick up softballs, a mat, cones, rulebook and a scorebook from Pete Marion or George Gibson on Opening Day from 8:45, on at East Norriton Field on the first-base side parking lot.

Teams provide:
non-anchored bases (including a double-first base), for fields without anchored bases.  Schuykill Valley Sports in Oaks has the set for around $60.  If you are uncertain of what to buy, contact the league.  Teams also provide their own bats, gloves, shirts, etc.
Double-first base:  Champion M155 Official Double First Base w/ Spikes
Second and Third (with extra base):  Champion M300 Economy Baseball/Softball Bases, 14" x 14" x 2" White

League Approved Bats: Only USA (formerly ASA) approved single-wall bats that are on our bat list can be used for league play.  The bat list will be updated prior to the start of the season and we will use this bat list for the remainder of the season.  Composite (barrel) bats and multi-wall (barrel) bats are strictly prohibited from use in league play.  If you have a question about the legality of a bat that you are looking to buy, contact us before you buy it!

League Meeting: Prior to Spring

All-Star Game(s) and Homerun Derby are after playoffs

New teams must submit an evaluation of their projected roster for division placement.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions




Fall Season

Teams- TBD
League Fees:
Payable via cash, check or credit card (fees apply)
Fields: East Norriton, Heels, Burnside
Six Games, plus playoffs, with 2 additional weeks for rainouts.
Game Times:
9:30 am, 11 am 

Rankings will be based on solely on overall winning percentage, including regular season and playoffs (wins, losses and scores).  Head to head playoff match-ups will be factored in only as a tie-breaker for overall winning percentage.  Example: Team A goes 7-7 during the regular season.  Team B goes 9-5.  Team A defeats team B in the first round of the playoffs, then loses the next round.  Team B is still ranked higher because they have an higher overall winning percentage (including playoffs).

First come, first served:
George Gibson
Phone: (610) 539-1573
E-mail: ggibson@wnces.com