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News - 10/12/15

Scores: http://www.wnces.com/scores.htm

Standings: http://www.wnces.com/standings.htm

We have decided to make up the game that was rained out a few weeks ago. It will be played on October 25. Quarter-finals will be played on November 1. Finals and semi-finals will be played on November 8 (which was the original date for just the finals). The only difference is that the playoffs will be played over 2 weeks instead of 3. We are just trying to give everyone their money's worth. There will be no time limits for the rest of the season and post-season.

Schedule (Updated 10/12/2015 12:24 pm): http://www.wnces.com/schedule.htm

If one or both of the 2 remaining regular season games gets rained out, we are definitely not making it up.

From this point on, there is to be no playing of music when a game (yours or another team's) is being played. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in forfeit. That includes on the sidelines, and in the parking lot, street, etc. If it is audible from the field, that's unacceptable. Before or after a game is fine, as long as the lyrics don't contain profanity.

A clarification on a rule we instituted this fall: Outfielders CANNOT throw out a batter/runner (male or female) at first base. Force plays are still in effect, so outfielders can throw to second, third or home for force outs. Once a batter rounds first base, he/she can becomes a base runner and can be put out.

Here's the clarification: An infielder can throw out a batter at first from anywhere. However, an infielder may not relay a throw to first from an outfield to put out a batter. Next year, we may change that to allow an outfielder to relay a throw to an infielder to throw out a batter at first.

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